Green Food Supplements

Green food supplements are the need of today’s busy world, owing to their high nutritional values and amazing benefits. The basic role of these dietary supplements in our daily life to fulfill the nutritional quotient because we have no time to include healthy veggies and fruits regularly. Keeping this thing in mind, Green Food Supplements have been derived by Top Ayurvedic in India, Grazing Meadows and they have become the talk of the town in very little time.

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Single Herbal Supplements

Here the concentrated extract of the herb has been added with its whole powder form to prepare tablets or capsules. This is the unique concept to improve the effectiveness of any herb or supplement. This has been discovered by our experienced R&D team. We have various Ayurvedic Products & single herbal supplements that are designed according to numerous health ailments such as heart care, weight management, sugar control, joint care, etc.

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Single Herbal Powder

Any home remedy consists of a mixture of a variety of herbs. But, finding all these herbs in the market is quite hectic during this busy schedule.

Keeping this in the mind, Top Ayurvedic Brand in India – Grazing Meadows has come up with a wide range of 100% pure Ayurvedic Products, hand-picked and time-tested Single Herbal Powders.

All these single herbal powders are approved with trusted Government certifications and thus are safe to consume by every individual.

You just need to order these single herbal powder and directly use it in your personalized home remedy.

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Herbal Ayurvedic Formulation

Our experienced R& D team has done immense research and has come up with novel Ayurvedic Formulations. These ayurvedic formulations are a combination of various herbs, which are suitable for a various health problems.

In this formulation, we have two types

1. Medicated Cow Ghee Formulation: In these formulations, we have used, pure A2 cow ghee along with an herbal blend to offer maximum benefits
2. Ayurvedic Formulation with Natural Bio-enhancers: In these formulations, we have used natural bio-enhancers such as leaves, fruits, etc. along with the herbal blend to enhance their effectiveness

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